You Are About to Get Roasted

Have you ever asked yourself why there are three types of coffee roasts? Well, we are here to answer that question!

The type of roast simply tells you how long and at what temperature the coffee beans were roasted. As a result, each roast has its own characteristic and unique taste. It is important to us that, as our customers, you understand everything possible about the roast you’re purchasing!

So, let’s discuss these characteristics!

Light Roast best allows the consumer to taste the unique flavors and characteristics of each coffee. With this roast, there is less bitterness, but, in turn, more acidity and caffeine. All specialty coffee shops roast their coffees on the lighter spectrum to bring out these characteristics!  

Medium Roast will still have those unique flavors and characteristics, but they are less present. The trade-off in this roast is that you have less acidity, but caffeine content starts to decrease. Overall, this roast gives a more balanced aroma, flavor, and acidity.

Dark Roast will taste more bitter than the other two roasts, but will be substantially less acidic. With this roast, one will not be able to determine those unique notes that makes each coffee different. Due to the length of time that the beans are roasted, the coffee will taste a little smoky, and even burnt.

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